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I focus on knowledge tooling and distributed computing to foster individual sovereignty and decentralization of authorities.



I built couple of companies that turned into vc'd startups and stable independent businesses.

Solvemed Group decoding neurology
I've been working on biomarkers for brain disorders (Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, et al.) for early diagnosis. Basically, we are creating artificial neural networks to understand what's happening in the brain. I'm responsible for the software of the whole enterprise.

Socrates Cafe Vienna established


[REDACTED] fashion house

Built online fashion house of alt hand-made wear (grunge & metal). It was quite a ride: organizing events, working with artists, and getting hugged by beautiful fans. I mostly focused on operations and strategy; but had a change to design some swag! To this day it prospers as a family business.

Bitcoin mining [0x6 AS]


Started freelancing in software development to get industry experience.
Worked for LEGO, Bethesda, OBB, Fandom, and cozy dev studios.


CraftSite indie gaming

Founded online gaming community that grew to be one of the biggest in Europe. We had our own economy centered around CraftCoin digital currency earned through contributions, playing games, and engaging in tournaments. It was acquired by Fandom (formerly Curse).

First computer: Pentium 400 MHz, 32MB RAM, running Windows 98.
~ the fan still sings in my ears. ~

growin' up & stuff

Dumped into meatspace.

On rare occasions I join boutique studios and early startups. I focus on tech and, when targeting nerds & geeks, on product. More on my LinkedIn.


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I listen to quite a lot of music. In fact, since 2010 I listened to over 20 000 hours of it. (That's over 800 days of beats non-stop!) That only includes music I've voluntarily listened to on my devices. (Mall music, radio, and others excluded.)

electronica indie rock post-rock downtempo experimental trip-hop folk jazz dark trance psytrance alt-metal instrumental celtic house lo-fi space classical epic psychedelia nordic dub
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